Google Books Importer Plugin

Google Books Importer plugin for WordPress provides easy to use interface for import of books from using Google’s API.

This plugin is built as a SPA using React. It's initialized in separate settings page which contains search form and controls for import of individual books. Following data is pulled and can be imported into WordPress:

Volume Info

  • title
  • subtitle
  • authors
  • publisher
  • publishedDate
  • description
  • pageCount
  • categories
  • averageRating
  • smallThumbnail
  • mediumImage
  • largeImage
  • thumbnail
  • language
  • previewLink
  • infoLink

Sale Info

  • viewability
  • epubacsTokenLink
  • pdfdownloadlink
  • webReaderLink

Access info

  • viewability
  • epubacsTokenLink
  • pdfdownloadlink
  • webReaderLink

Using plugin options page you can map the data coming from the API to WordPress content types. It's possible to import data into post types, taxonomies, media library as featured image and custom fields.

Plugin is available for download from WordPress plugin directory.