Video membership site with Gatsby and WordPress

Recently I started a project called Videogram which makes use of WPGraphQL plugin for WordPress. It's an excellent plugin that wraps WP functionality and exposes data in form of GraphQL API.

Videogram is a static website for serving video content. It's built with Gatsby as an SSG and WP as a CMS. The structure of the website is currently quite simple. There is a video page for each video, video categories for easy navigation, a homepage which is showing the latest videos with featured video hero (optional), and a quick search in the header.

This project is also a great proof of concept of how WP can be used as a headless CMS. WPGraphQL makes this incredibly easy with its queries and mutations for any data within WP. Token-based authentication is available using JWT Authentication extension and it's much simpler than what you would need to do with built-in REST API.

Project code is available at Github repo.